Working Groups

A working group is a long-term structure administering some activity of the LSC. They should be regularly active, and transparent and accountable to the membership.

If you want to join a working group, please send an email to the working group’s point person and make sure to include the working group’s name in the subject line. Names and emails are available in the "One Big Document" on the LSC Google Drive.

If you’re a point person for a permanent WG, you must commit to the following:

  1. Organize a Rocket Chat channel and Google listserv of everyone on the WG;
  2. Organize on the channel and, if necessary, schedule weekly google calls where everybody on the team gets together and works for a few hours;
  3. Ensure there are minutes of all calls, summaries of major decisions made in chat, and other updates available to the membership on a regular basis.

The current Working Groups in the LSC are:

Bylaws Working Group

Rocket Chat: #caucus-bylaws
Task: Provide a workable draft of bylaws to be debated and voted on by the membership.

Publishing Working Group

Rocket Chat: #lsc-publishing
Task: Facilitate and contribute to the LSC Pamphlet Program/design nice literature. Create LSC associated podcast.

Tech Working Group

Rocket Chat: #dsa-lsc-website
Task: Handle all issues requiring programming or systems administration skills, including administering the website. Provide tech support including sharing responsibilities for RocketChat onboarding with Greeting WG.

Greeting Working Group

Channel: To be announced.
Task: This is our welcoming committee for processing newbie anarchos! Handle surveys and onboarding of new members, adding to various groups, etc.; assists and coordinates with Tech WG on tech support for new RocketChat users.