Democratic Socialists of America and the 2024 Elections — Forging a New Path

- Pamphlets

Freedom lives in the lungs.

Take a deep breath…. Exhale.

Four years ago, a new virus making its way across the world had just entered the United States. The results on a populace denied the right to healthcare was to be deadly.

Four years ago, a man known to few was killed — the killer cop kneeling for 9 minutes on his neck.

George Floyd.

A death that shocked us into action. The rolling riots of a populace in subjugation, fighting for justice.

Michael Reinoehl. Gone but not forgotten. Cop City Lacey — coming soon.

Fast forward. The Democratic Party vacuums up the public anger. They white-wash and color the protests as peaceful. They legitimize the voices that are useful to them and de-legitimize all others. Votes for jackasses turn November into a victory rally.

January 6th, 2021.

Trump partisans storm the capital building. Ashley Babitt dies for her fascist cause. The Democratic Party hails a newfound heroism of the police. One of them decides to run for office. His party backs him.

Biden assumes office a few weeks later.

The Trump Terrorists become the scapegoats of a renewed and re-energized bipartisan surveillance. The FBI hunts them down like dogs while the rich continue to drink their weight in gold.

Cop City. Atlanta. Lacey. More?

Voting. Packed city halls. Peaceful protest. Dissent. More voting.

Construction continues. Democracy does not prevail.

Riots. Arson. Violence.

Construction delays. Arrests. State surveillance. State terrorism. Biden’s America.

Biden claims he is running to defend democracy. For who? Palestinians?


The time has come to compartmentalize the bullshit and to commit to the building of true power. Dual Power.

First and foremost, we must begin to gain control of housing and force its de-commodification. We need to create large funds to acquire said housing and we need to house our own. The management of this housing needs to be self-managed by occupants in a federated system of housing cooperatives. Municipal social housing efforts should wage this fight in tandem. No DSA member should ever be housing insecure. I don’t want to mourn another Eucy.

Second, we must begin to gain control of our employment. There are two main ways to do this — unionization and cooperation.

Organized labor in the United States sits at 10%. We have a duty to push this as close as we can towards 100%. Right now, that 10% number is still shrinking — despite the press coverage. Despite broad public support and whatever measure of “goodwill” that comes with it.

Less talk, more organizing.

Cooperatives are at present a small part of the economy. Resources should be dedicated to both the bottom-up founding of self-managed worker cooperatives as well as the conversion of existing business into self-managed worker cooperatives. Measures dedicated to the establishment of solidarity economies and social ecology should be further developed.

Less talk, more organizing.

Third. The fascists are coming. Far-right paramilitary groups in the United States collectively have tens of thousands of members and often include connections into standing law enforcement, military personnel, and even elected politicians. We should believe our own words and take ourselves seriously. Community defense should be encouraged whenever and wherever possible, with measures taken to limit legal risks to the overall organization. Every comrade with an economic and legal situation compatible to bearing arms in the United States should be arming themselves at this point. Our enemies are not waiting for us. Medic work and survival-based mutual aid are also critical here.

Less talk, more organizing.

Fourth. Our numbers are shrinking. The DSA has lost around 20% of its membership since Biden took office. Recruitment efforts must be taken. The “build it and they will come” mentality must go. If we recruited members the way we gather ballot signatures and whip voter turnout, we’d be in a different spot right now.

Less talk, more organizing.

Fifth. Retention & training. It’s not enough to only bring in new members to an organization. There must be ongoing engagement. We need mentorship. We need accessibility. We need a formal education program that covers not only theory, but also the practice of participating in our organization and, most especially, in organizing as a general practice. Leaders are not born, they are built.

Less talk, more organizing.

Sixth. Restorative Justice. We need a group that dedicates itself to learning this, training others, and establishing best practices. It’s a good idea, so let’s dedicate some people to making it a reality.

Less talk, more organizing.

Finally — and this really is lucky number seven — people need to embrace the social. Have hobbies. Treat people as friends — normal friends — not just “comrades in arms” or potential debate partners or whatever you want to call the current state of Left expectation setting and infighting. Maybe drink a beer once and a while. Play some board games. Do sports. This past Sunday was Easter so, for Christ’s sake, break some bread with comrades. It was also Trans Day of Visibility. Be visible, be a part of your community — your neighborhood, your school, your workplace, etc. — and show kindness even more than militancy.

If the people who know you are fond of you, you’re winning half the battle right there.

More loving, less lashing out.

More compassion, less purity.

More patience, less spite.

More well-rounded, less “socialism is 100% of my personality”.

We’ve got a world to win. Let’s get to it.