About Us

Horizon Bylaws

These are the bylaws of the Horizon Federation, a federation of libertarian socialist circles. Every circle in Horizon is bound by these bylaws.

LSC Bylaws

These are the bylaws of LSC, the DSA circle of Horizon. Everything we do in LSC is according to these bylaws.

LSC Points of Unity

These are the points of unity of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus.

LSC Standing Policy

LSC maintains a record of standing caucus policy. For transparency, a public copy of the document is linked here.

Directory of Locals
In DSA chapters where there is a sizeable amount of LSC members, members may choose to affiliate as a Local, a subformation within the caucus. The directory of active locals is linked above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the LSC believe in anyway? Read this FAQ to find out!